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The Ph.D. program in finance admits around 3-5 students every year.

There are two channels through which applicants can enter the program. One is the regular university application channel. The other, known as HKPFS, has additional stipend in the first four years from the Hong Kong government and an earlier application deadline (see There are no other material differences.

An applicant's undergraduate background is not a precondition for admission. We especially welcome students with strong qualitative and economics background to apply. Ideal candidates for our program are those who possess good logical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and strong economic intuition.

The admission of PhD students in the finance department is conducted by a department committee. Individual professors are not in the position to admit students by themselves. Please submit your application to the university system. If you are shortlisted, the department committee will arrange an interview. If you are admitted, you will take doctoral courses in the first two years of the program. After completing the courses, you will take the qualifying exam around the end of year two. If you pass the qualifying exam, you will have a thesis advisor through a two-sided match. This follows standard procedure in top departments worldwide.

Click here to learn detailed application and admission procedures.

In addition to the PhD program, Finance Department operates a Pre-doc/RA program for candidates with a strong interest in academic research in financial economics. Please find more information here.