Student Research and Achievements

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PhD Student Publications

“Do Corporate Taxes Hinder Innovation?” JFE 2017
“The Information Content of Sudden Insider Silence”, JFQA 2019
“The Effects of Global Leniency Programs on Margins and Mergers”, RAND 2019
“Corporate Disclosure as a Tacit Coordination Mechanism..”, JAR 2020
“Eye in the sky: Private satellites and Government macro data”, JFE 2021
“Corporate payout policy and credit risk: evidence from CDS markets”, MS 2021
“Inside Brokers”, JFE 2021
“Measuring vaccine effectiveness…” Science Advances 2022
“Roads and Loans”, RFS (forthcoming)

*Last 5 years, only papers started at HKUST.


Impactful Student Research


2022 NSE Best Paper Award, Indian School of Business Summer Research Conference
2022 Vladas Jurgutis Prize for Best Paper in Economics, Central Bank of Lithuania (ECB system)
2020 Moskowitz Prize for Best Paper in Sustainable and Responsible Investing
2020 CFA Institute ARX/ CFA Melbourne Best Paper Award
2019 WFA Best Student Paper Award (USC Marshall School of Business Trefftzs Award)
2019 LBS Wheeler Institute Award 
2019 China International Conference in Finance Best Paper Award
2018 TD Ameritrade Best Paper Award in Behavioral Finance
2017 Asian Finance Association Best Paper Award

*Most recent 5 years partial list

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