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The Center for Investing (formerly the Value Partners Center for Investing, hereafter the Center) was set up in 2011 by the Department of Finance with donations from the Value Partners Limited and financial support pledged by the School of Business and Management at HKUST. The main activity of the Center was a five‐year program of training undergraduate students through a course named Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), in which students, under the supervision of the course instructor, use real money to trade in stocks listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The program trained five years of talented students and ended in June 2016.


The Center has broadened its focus and extended its work to cover various aspects of applied research in financial development in Hong Kong and elsewhere as its mission. Based on the strong research expertise of the faculty members in the Department of Finance, the Center works with various partners and associates to conduct research that generates both theoretical potentials and applicable techniques.

The Center has the following research areas as its priority.

  1. Banking - As a financial center in the world, Hong Kong is known for its banking industry. A rich financial history often prompts important issues as research topics.
  2. Securities markets - Vibrant stock market and derivative warrants market in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, generate many interesting questions for research. The Center is well poised to study these questions and generate implications for the other markets.
  3. Venture capital and private equity - Being in Hong Kong and close to Shenzhen where numerous start-up companies choose to call home, and where VC and PE attract most talents, the Center has its comparative advantage in doing related research.
  4. Fintech and financial innovation - Riding on the new wave of financial technology development, the Center engages in various activities, such as seminars and workshops.
  5. Green finance – Working with colleagues in Science and Engineering schools and in other Business School departments, we devote to the vast areas of green finance research to make an impact on the society.


Prof. Chu Zhang

Associate Director

Prof. Zhanhui Chen
Prof. Veronique Lafon-Vinais
Prof. Yingying Li
Prof. Abhiroop MUKHERJEE
Prof. George PANAYOTOV
Prof. Alminas ZALDOKAS

Advisory Committee

Gordon Ip
Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, Value Partners, Hong Kong

Marvin Lai
Executive Director, Burgeon Group Consulting Ltd; Former Executive Director of Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association; Former Chief Investment Officer of Cyberport Macro Fund;  Partner, APX Capital; Partner, iTM Ventures

Charles Xie
Head of Financial Institutions Group, China & HK, UOB Group

Dr. Haibin Zhu
Managing Director, Chief China Economist and Head of Greater China Economic Research, J. P. Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited

Industrial Partners and Associates

  • Sina Finance


  1. 2nd Annual Value Investing Challenge 2018 (3 Sep 2018)
  2. Factor Investing in China-A Shares (7 Nov 2018)
  3. Behind the Scenes of Fundraising and Venture Capital in 2018 (9 Nov 2018)
  4. Finance Symposium 2018 (10 Dec 2018)
  5. The Magic of Female Leadership (25 Feb 2019)
  6. Getting to Know the Buy Side and Career Tips in Asset Management (27 Mar 2019)
  7. Ethics and The Challenge & Joy of Being an Analyst (08 Apr 2019)
  8. An Overview of Blockchain (18 Jul 2019)
  9. Theory and Applications of Universal Time Consistent Credit Rating (29 Jul 2019)