The 6th Annual Value Investing Challenge 2022
05 Dec 2022

The Challenge was concluded on 5 December 2022. With an aim to promoting value investing, and encouraging students to perform fundamental, bottom-up stock research in the Asia-Pacific Region. A total of 32 teams had registered the Challenge and 5 teams were selected to proceed to the final round.

The winning teams are listed below:

  • First Place: Timmy CHUNG (QFIN & COSC, Year 2), Sebastian KAM (QFIN, Year 2), Jasper YEUNG (QFIN & COSC, Year 2) [Research Company: TSMC]
  • Second Place: Vivian XIAN (SBM Undeclared, Year 1), Celina LIANG (SBM Undeclared, Year 1), Chloe IP (GCS, Year 1) [Research Company: CLP Group]
  • Third Place: Jolin CHUANG (GBUS & FINA, Year 3), Zac HUANG (FINA & IS, Year 3), Richard HUANG (OM, Year 3) [Research Company: Wiwynn]
  • Finalists:
    • Ian CHAU (MATH, Year 2), Mario WONG (MATH, Year 2) [Research Company: Anta Sports]
    • Hoon LEE (QSA, Year 3), Alice OH (MARK & ECON, Year 4), Harroop SRA (QFIN, Year 3) [ Research Company: Pulmuone]

Congratulations to the winners, finalists and all the participants! Students gained valuable practical value investing experience to complement their studies in finance.

We would like to give special thanks to Chartwell Capital, Special thanks to Chartwell Capital, The Melting Pot Foundation, Center for Investing, HKUST Green Finance Research ProjectHKUST Sustainable and Green FinanceRonald Chan, William Tsang, Anastasia Cheung, Evan NgAditya SalimDarren Yuen, Timothy Wong, Prof. Lynn PIProf. Veronique, Miles Ng for providing support throughout the competition.

Thanks again for participating and wishing students every success in their future studies/careers!

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