Visiting Scholar
Shuang JIN
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Shuang JIN


Dr Jin is a macro economist at a large fund, covering both developed and emerging markets and co-managing a multi-asset portfolio. Before joining the fund, Dr Jin worked in Hong Kong Monetary Authority, with a demonstrated history of serving several central bank functions (supporting policy decisions on the countercyclical capital buffer, coordinating high-level conferences among central banks and regulatory bodies, conducting risk assessment of Chinese economy, etc).  Before HKMA, Dr Jin worked with Bank for International Settlements and conducted research on Fintech. Dr Jin obtained a PhD in Finance from HKUST and a MSc in Financial Economics from University of Oxford. 

Research Interests

Dr Jin's academic research explores how policy developments in China brought about changes in the financial and real sectors. His recent paper studies the impact of implicit government guarantee on corporate investment and financing policies and is published on Management Science. He is also interested in the behavior of non-bank financial insitutions (shadow banking). Dr Jin's non-academic research covers central bank policies and asset allocation strategies.


The Real Effects of Implicit Government Guarantee: Evidence from Chinese SOE Defaults

-Shuang Jin, Wei Wang and Zilong Zhang

-forthcoming, Management Science