School-based Admission

For current HKUST SBM students who are eligible to join the major selection exercise. This program is suitable for students who have strong interest in having a career in finance related roles.

For more information about School-Based Admission, please refer to the website here.

For more information about Major Selection Exercise, please refer to the website here.

First Major Quota: 100 students for 2021-22 intake

Second Major Quota: 30 students for 2021-22 intake


  1. The first major quota indicated above includes students admitted to respective programs via program-based admissions. For example, if 40 students are admitted to FINA via program-based admission, the quota for students who want to join FINA via major selection exercise will be 60 students.
  2. The ranking criteria for FINA in the major selection exercise is 1) grade of FINA 2303, 2) then students’ BCGA. If students with credit transfer for FINA 2303, a holistic assessment based on written exam, BCGA, selected course performance, CV, personal statement and interview performance is required. The written test will mainly cover the syllabus of FINA 2303 (Please click HERE to view course syllabus and schedule). Students with credit transfer for FINA 2303, and wish to join FINA, are suggested to study the syllabus of FINA 2303 and get yourself familiarize with it.